DBYW’s 20th Anniversary Open Day


Cheers to the successfully held Open Day in the celebration of our school’s 20th anniversary on January 31, 2021.
On this memorable Sunday, we were overjoyed to welcome our guests, parents, students and alumni who came to visit and celebrate with us. The presence of all the visitors means a great deal to us. The opening ceremony began with an up-tempo dance performed by our P1 and P6 students which embodied the succession of classes in our school. Followed were the school song singing, prayer and the welcome speech delivered by our principal Miss Iu. We then presented a stage play to show the development and changes of the extra-curricular activities over the past twenty years. The eye-dotting blessing ceremony by our honourable guests “awakened” the little dancing lions, and the applause from the audience marked the end of the opening ceremony as well as the commencement of activities of the day. Our guests were impressed not only by the amazing shows in the opening ceremony and the performance of our cordial campus tour guides, but also by the exhibitions of our students’ academic works, interesting workshops and game booths. Many had great fun in collecting the seven anniversary chops to complete the DBYW safari card. Every corner in the school was filled with joy and laughters on that day.
Wholeheartedly, we thank our Lord for the day in which we celebrated the Feast of St. John Bosco and made lovely memories.