Year Events
1941 Colégio Dom Bosco (Yuet Wah) was originally an orphanage (Asilo dos Orfaos) which was run by the Salesians, specifically accommodating Portuguese orphans. Since the Portuguese Salesians did not have their own premises, the orphans had to stay in the Immaculate Conception Orphanage (now Instituto Salesiano). The groundbreaking ceremony of the school premises was held.
1949 The foundation stone laying ceremony of the premises was held, and the school was named as Colégio Dom Bosco de Artes Oficios, it was a boarding school which provided technical and vocational education.

1951 Part of the school building was started to use.
1960 The school set up preparatory courses and provided mechanics, typing, computer and other programmes.

The Choir, “Little Singers of the Wooden Cross” which was founded by Fr. Cesare Brianza was not only an extra-curricular activity, but also a well-known choir and was frequently invited to give performance in Macau and abroad.

1963 The construction of the school was completed.
1976 The school cancelled the industrial course and set up junior high programmes.
1982 The Portuguese kindergarten was established.
1991 The Chinese Section was founded in 1991 and Fr. Luigi Rubini SDB became the principal of the Chinese Section.
1999 Fr. Francis Hung, SDB took over the post of principal from Fr. Luigi Rubini SDB.

The first batch of students graduated and the Portuguese Section was closed in the same year.

 2000 The school merged with Yuet Wah College, and finally named as COLÉGIO DOM BOSCO (YUET WAH). After the merger, Yuet Wah College moved all the primary students of the English and the Chinese Sections to our school and Fr. Pedro Leong, SDB became the supervisor of the school.
 2001 Our school exchanged all 10 kindergarten classes with the 10 primary classes from Colégio Perpétuo Socorro Chan Sui Ki (Sucursal). 
 2003 Fr. Alphonsus Cheng, SDB took over the post of principal from Fr. Francis Hung, SDB.
2004 Fr. Denis Kong, SDB took over the post of supervisor from Fr. Pedro Leong, SDB.

The examination system changed from 4 semesters a year into 2 semesters a year.

The Wind Band and Parents-Teachers Association were founded.

2005  ‘Celebration of 100 years of Salesians’ Mission in China’ and DBYW’s 5th Anniversary.

Our school joined the Comprehensive School Evaluation Programme of DSEJ.

2006 Ms. Iong Sau Fong, the Prefect of Studies, retired and Ms. Lai I Fan took over the post of Prefect of Studies from her.

Medical Room and Student’s Behaviour Profile were set up.

2007 Information technology education staff, School leisure activity specialist, Reading promotion staff and Pastoral assistant were recruited.

The expansion work of administration building completed. 

2008 Class One of the English Section was established.

Parents and teachers were invited to be the members of the school board.

Fr. Thomas Lee, SDB, took over the post of the principal from Fr. Alphonsus, SDB.

Our school joined the ‘Programme of Introduction Outstanding Teachers from Mainland China to Macau for Exchange’.

2009 Ms. Lai I Fan and Mr. Ip Hong Seng were promoted as Vice Principals. 

Child-care Service was established.


The third floor of clergy dormitory was converted into five classrooms.

Our school continuously joined the ‘Programme of Introduction Outstanding Teachers from Mainland China to Macau for Exchange’.

Three teachers were promoted as Perfects of Studies.

A teacher was promoted as the Prefect of Moral and Religious Education which is responsible for coordinating the work of religious education and moral education.

2012 Ms. Lam Mei Pou and Ms. Iu Pek Fong were promoted as Vice Principals.

Portuguese teaching was added in one of the classes of Class Four.

2013 Fr. Thomas Lee, SDB, took over the post of School Supervisor.

Ms. Lai I Fan was promoted as Principal.

All students were encouraged to join either the extra-curricular activities or the tutorial classes after school.

2014  ‘Intergrative Perceptual Approach’ was first introduced into the Chinese curriculum of Primary One.
2015 Morning exercise has been carried out.Reading Lesson has been carried out in the afternoon.

Celebration of DBYW’s 15th Anniversary.