Enhancing Sustained School Development through Integrated Evaluation

Our school has successfully completed the Integrated Evaluation through combining internal and external evaluations implemented by the Education and Youth Development Bureau in School Year 2021/2022. The overall evaluation helps improve our education quality and promote the sustained development of our school.

         In School Year 2020/2021, the DSEDJ provided our school with on-site support for self-evaluation. Through lectures and workshops, the support team introduced the aims and functions of the evaluation model to our teaching staff, and has effectively guided us to establish a systematic evidence-based self-evaluation mechanism and culture.

         During the external evaluation process in this school year (2021/2022), the external evaluation team carried out multi-faceted inspection in our school, such as observing teaching and other activities, conducting interviews with stakeholders, and analyzing relevant information of our school. According to the comprehensive school-based evaluation report, the team expressed appreciation for our school’s diverse development characteristics and student support, and also gave suggestions for improvement in other various areas, especially on school leadership, curriculum and teaching.

        Giving credit to this valuable experience, our school will continue to strengthen our characteristics to maintain a sustained and sound all-round education development.

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