Maths Fun Day

On February 6, 2024, our students set out on an extraordinary expedition during the highly anticipated Maths Fun Day. Instead of having their mundane lessons in classrooms like any other days, they were transported to a captivating world filled with mathematical challenges and excitement.

The day commenced with an unconventional opening ceremony, where all teachers and students were invited to solve a maths question together with the hints shown on two drones hovering above the basketball court. All participants eagerly engaged in the challenge and displayed their readiness for the activities of the day.

The highlight of Maths Fun Day must be the first ever Dom Bosco Mathlympics, where classrooms were transformed into game zones and all classes competed against each other to solve the most maths puzzles within the shortest time. During the Mathlympics, students were given hands-on tasks and problem-solving exercises. They had to collaborate and discuss strategies, learn from their mistakes and celebrate progress together as a team. Through the games, students had the opportunity to explore the real-world applications of maths and discovered that learning maths couldn’t be more interesting and enjoyable.

The day also featured a diverse array of booth games, engaging workshops, as well as iPad and computer games. Additionally, the 1st Dom Bosco Mathlympics award ceremony honoured the 18 winning classes, whose remarkable achievements showcased their collaborative skills, perseverance in solving complex problems, enthusiasm and courage to embrace challenges.

Last but not least, we thank our Heavenly Father for such pleasant weather for Maths Fun Day and His brilliant creation of our intricate brains to think and reason. We promise to make use of the gift of intellect that you have given us to contribute to the betterment of the world.

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