School Motto

Our School’s Motto derives from a famous saying of the great Sage Confucius. In his ANALECTS, Book Seven, Chapter Three, we read: If virtue is not properly cultivated, if learning is not thoroughly discussed, if righteousness, once known, is not pursued, if evil is not corrected, all these things make me sad. 

If this is true for everyone, it is especially true for those who are in the process of learning. In fact, if a student does not strive to practice virtue, acquire learning, cultivate righteousness and avoid evil, he is wasting his own time and the time of his education. 

It is interesting to note that St. John Bosco, the Founder of our Salesian Congregation, after many years of experience in the field of education, arrived at the same conclusion. He used to say: “A student who does not practise virtue will never be able to acquire true knowledge”. 

Therefore, after the example of these two great Leaders, Confucius and Don Bosco, and under their guidance, let us strive to cultivate virtue and acquire knowledge.